The “Presente Global” student group 2015 TECMUN Plan.

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“Presente Global”, set up by Prepa Tec students is focused on creating awareness on everyday’s worldwide events and promote interest on both national and international politics. The group’s goal is the realization and participation in the Model United Nations (MUN), a forum for participation simulating rooms for debate within the various committees that comprise the UN.

The MUN’s different discussion forums are set to encourage problem solving of current situations by teaching techniques of participant discussion and debate while understanding cultural differences, as each participant pretends to be a representative of a country and must defend the interests of their country.

This semester the group will focus on activities for participation in MUN: workshops on debating techniques will be taught and will interact with other MUN. The group is currently in the planning process for TECMUN 2015, to be carried next semester.

Salvador Candelas shared: “Presente Global” has increased my interest in staying informed of national and international political events. In workshops I have learned more about my environment and ways in which I can contribute to make a change. The group has taught me the importance of teamwork and communication that should exist among all of us. It is a group where I have been able to associate with more people and have met individuals with interests similar to mine. I feel it is essential for a group to learn and understand that results only come with great effort.  I’m happy to be in a group like this, one that year after year has achieved its objectives.”

“Presente Global” plans to participate in several MUNs in order to build a solid and strong Team for 2015 TECMUN.  Furthermore, it looks to develop students, discovering those interested in politics today, that are comprehensively informed and looking to make a change. “Presente Global” members are young people who are passionate about debating on current issues in an informed manner and who are interested in finding solutions to problems in the world.


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