By Sebastián Zafra (LAE GB)

For LAE (GB) is very important to know about what other people from other places think due to the international approach this curse has and the responsibility we have as citizens of the world. So what is the reason for some people to fly all the way from Europe to hot Mexico? Why do they stay? What are their thoughts about our country? I asked English professor and personal translator David Muldrew about it.

What was the reason for you to come to Mexico?

The reason I came to Mexico was because of the weather, the nice people and I think there are better opportunities that there are in Europe.

In just three words, describe Mexico.

Diverse. Welcoming. Home.

What do you think about the life quality in Mexico?

I think quality of life if you’re middle class is very good, there is a lot of poverty and wealth is not distributed equally but I think if you work hard you’re rewarded for your hard work.

What is your opinion on the Mexican business making?

They work very hard and they do focus on the international relations more than other countries. Usually if you want to do business abroad people will speak English here or as if you go to Europe very rarely do they speak foreign languages. The negative side: I think the working is far too long, I think that the Mexican culture of “the longer the hours you work the more productive you are” is incorrect is more about how well you work not how long you work.

What do you think are the most prosper business in Mexico?

Telecommunications is most certainly lucrative; Carlos Slim is #1 on the Forbes’ list of richest people in the world for a reason. I think it’s a little bit too monopolistic. Education is a very lucrative business, there’s a lot of money to be made and I think you can see that from where we are right now. I also think that cultural products in terms of export such as food, music

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