Who is Gopika Jadeja?


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Gopika Jadeja is a poet and translator from India and a PhD candidate at the National University of Singapore. She publishes and edits the print journal and a series of pamphlets a performance-publishing project called Five Issues. Gopika has convened a series of events and a school specific festival of arts called ‘Talking Gandhi’ at The Galaxy School, where she worked previously.

Creating a place for the arts in the curriculum is one of Gopika’s abiding interests. As a researcher her interests range from postcolonial, especially South Asian Literatures and Women’s writing to Dalit Studies and Translation. Her current research weaves together Dalit literature and the Dalit movement in Gujarat in the light of ideas of inclusion and exclusion within ideas of the nation.

A recipient of the Charles Wallace Scholarship for Creative Writing, Gopika has released her chapbook of poems in collaboration with Visthar-Bangalore. She has collaborated on short term and long term projects on writing for Poets Against War (India), Women for the Record-Singapore, Katha-Xavier’s Centre for Translation, DNA newspaper and National Institute of Design-Ahmedabad. She is currently working on a project of English translations of poetry from Gujarat. Gopika studied at St. Xavier’s College-Ahmedabad and SOAS-London. She currently lives and works in Singapore.

Gopika Jadeja is going to present lectures, debates and workshop in order to focus on poetry, literature and post colonialism. 

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