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TecDroid is a student group comprised of students from Prepa Tec, whose purpose is to promote science and technology among young people through innovative methods. Its goal is to transform them into leaders in the fields of: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each year the group participates in the global robotics competition “FIRST,” where they compete with more than 4,000 teams from around the world. Prior to the competition, students with the support of mentors from different companies, designed, built and programmed a robot that had to solve different challenges.

As one of the main goals of TecDroid is to bring and make science and technology accessible to everyone regardless of economic or physical factors, TecDroid has carried out the following activities:

  • Touch & Play (October 3, SUM Prepa at 4pm): Free event for high school students where they have their first approach to science and technology.
  • 4th TecDroid Congress “Build Your Dreams” (February 28 and 29, 2015): Free Congress on entrepreneurship, leadership, science and technology.
  • Innovation Award by TecDroid (March 14, 2015): National Award organized by the group. Participants seek sustainable solutions to problems of marginalized communities. The winning project was taken to three communities in the state of Querétaro.
  • Workshop “Science for All”: Free courses for youth with disabilities, orphaned girls, low-income children and indigenous youth.
  • Course “Science Near You”: first robotics course approved by the government, taught in 15 public schools in the state of Querétaro.

Group members decided to participate in this project due to their interest in learning how a company works and it seemed as the perfect fit, as the group already held basic areas of a company in place.  Additionally, the simple fact of being part of TecDroid increases their knowledge level in the areas in which these young people plan to develop professionally. Another motivation is the quest to fulfill a common dream to lead the team to a higher level.

“The teachings we had were primarily on areas in which each one of us work, we also learned about being a good leader and the responsibility that this entails in regards to the example we portray to others. The biggest satisfactions are that after a whole year or more of work, this is rewarded by international recognition and the ties created with team members,” said Miguel Blanco, president of the group.

TecDroid continues to fulfill its goal of growing the group’s impact on a national and international level and sustains its objective of winning the Chairman’s Global Award as well as being internationally recognized as an exemplary team at “FIRST”.


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