This paper written by by Miguel Rocha and Cory Searcy argues that an IMS-based approach can be used to embed SD in organizations. The focus on IMS is in recognition of the point that existing MSSs, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, may provide needed leverage points for integrating SD with mainstream organizational issues.

It also recognizes that SD should not be seen as a stand-alone initiative, which may be encouraged through the development of a separate MSS focused on SD. An IMS approach provides opportunities to explicitly link SD with existing organizational goals, policies, programs, processes, procedures, and resources.

However, research on the application of an IMS-approach to organizational SD is still in its relatively early stages. While several IMS models have been proposed in the literature, they have not been systematically evaluated with respect to their potential to embed SD in organizations.

This paper was published on February 2012, as a chapter in the book “Sustainable Development – Policy and Urban Development – Tourism, Life Science, Management and Environment” edited by Chaouki Ghenai and published by InTech. You can download the entire book here.

Miguel Rocha Romero is Academic Director for the Master Program in Quality and Productivity Systems (MIP) at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Queretaro.

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